About Samantha Coffin

Hey there friend!

Samantha here! I am so happy you found us!  I am an avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, wife, dog mom, kombucha and green smoothie lover. My husband and I co-managed rural lakefront rental cabins in Maine on a wildlife sanctuary for over 3 years and now are transitioning to life in Western North Carolina! I am deeply passionate about Health, Adventure and Happiness!

Let’s get a little bit deeper now!

I was raised by a single mom in Massachusetts, moving 18 times before I was 21. We relied on federal and state aid and were homeless for a while, yet my mom busted her butt to make sure we were healthy and safe! When I was in 5th grade, she remarried and we moved to Cape Cod. Throughout my childhood, one thing my mother was never able to help me with was constant GI discomfort. I’ll get in to that story later.

While in college, in 2009 I interned in the D.C. area and in 2010 studied abroad in South Africa. In 2011 I graduated from UMass Dartmouth with a B.A. in Women Studies and in 2013 I graduated with an M.A. in Gender and Women Studies and a Nonprofit Leadership Certificate from Minnesota State University. All of these experiences changed my life and shaped who I am today!

But…the biggest change came in 2015! My then fiancee and I left everything and moved to the north woods of Maine! Read more about our first years living rurally here!

Then, life happened again. It has a funny way of doing that. Although our years on Moosehead Lake were amazing, we were struggling to find life-work balance and needed to find our way to a more simple life. This is how we came to western North Carolina! Here we live a simple, wild + sustainable life through adventure, minimalism, whole foods + creating less waste!

These 3 photos remind me of those 3 key points of focus! I now pick wild blueberries and love learning how to forage for foods, I hike as much as possible, eat local veggies from local farms and explore this vast world we live in while making sure I feel balanced and happy every day!


  • I eat a mostly clean always gluten free diet, with some Whole 30 influences! I have a FREE Food Freedom Support Group on Facebook for all those interested! It is a safe place to share your journey to Food Freedom either through a round of Whole 30 or just eating the way your body likes! We share recipes, tips, and our personal journeys!
  • We are working to cut ALL toxic chemicals out of our lives from food to cleaning products, body products and beyond by replacing them with clean products and essential oils. In this same space, we are working to reduce our waste by buying package free products or making our own whenever possible.
  • I pride us in eating local food as much as possible! Stay tuned for WNC local finds!


  • I love hiking! I hiked 68 hikes in 2017!
  • Getting outside in every season is a huge priority for us both and is a big part of our lifestyle!
  • I love finding adventure wherever we travel! Often the adventure is the driver for a vacation.


  • As soon as we found balance in our lives with Health and Adventure, we found more Happiness! Crazy how that works, huh?
  • My Marriage is so strong! We went from working totally opposite hours to working together! Our communication is on point and we learn new ways to balance and support each other every single day! I am excited to see what our new lifestyle in WNC brings us!
  • Family and Friends bring me so much happiness! But now we live SO FAR from most of them. Thankfully, most of them can visit or I can visit them and social media keeps us close! Also, many of them are amazing sports and let me take them on my crazy adventures!

That’s a quick who I am! Check out my blog and follow along on social media where I transparently share our journey, my meals, my experience with Invisalign and so much more! I am so happy to have you here!