Easiest Paleo Bread

Eating grain free has dramatically changed my life for the better. Although an occasional gluten free grainy treat is totally in my diet when it is #worthit, most of the time, I stay clear of rice and corn and their flours. Sometimes I do find myself craving a favorite dish from my childhood or something … Read more

Refrigerator Pickles

For my wedding shower, well over a year ago, my mom bought me the basic starter kit for canning. Well, it didn’t come out until I started to have a surplus of cucumbers, but then…I didn’t have any dill! So, I started doing some research on some easy pickle recipes and learned about refrigerator pickles. … Read more

Whole 30 Granola

Whole 30 has become a BIG part of my life and how I think about food. Although I am not on a round right now, I felt crappy eating non-Whole30 meals and decided to do a mini reset and think smarter about the food choices I make. I have been thinking of what recipes or … Read more

Artichokes + Pork Chops

Two foods I love yet have no idea how to cook are artichokes and pork chops. Well tonight I was determined and very satisfied with the results. Since I didn’t have a large window of time to make dinner, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make the artichoke. In my mind they take hours … Read more

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

This Blueberry smoothie is by far one of my favorite to make. I change up the veggie from time to time but love the rich and tar flavor or the frozen blueberries. When mixed with your non-dairy milk of choice it takes creamy and very dessert like while I think the coconut water makes its … Read more

Vanilla Pear + Spinach Smoothie

Smoothies are one of my favorite things to make! I love hiding vegetables into a sweet treat! Pear + Spinach is one of my favorite combinations! I don’t usually measure out my veggie or fruit, so make this your own! Also, feel free to use any vanilla protein powder. I prefer Vega or Amazing Grass … Read more