Returning Reflections

I am so happy a Facebook follower called me out for not blogging since, well I hate to admit it but September {about pickles of all things}. I have been wrapped up in many different things that I didn’t make the time. I am making a vow to blog at least once a month moving forward. PLEASE hold me to this! Also, let me know what you want to hear about!! I am an open book and am happy to share!

Let me start off by sharing how excited I am that my hubs and I are entering our third season of running cabin rentals on Moosehead Lake in Maine. We have already been here for 2 years!! Time flies!! I swear time has never gone this fast before in my life. I have never been this satisfied with my life! I am healthy, fit and happy! Let me share with you what has been going on.

CSA: This summer we joined Ripley Farm’s CSA program and got 16 weeks on yummy local and organic veggies, herbs and even blueberries! This experience made me even more giddy to live here. The farm owners, Gene and Mary Margaret are two of the kindest people I have ever met. I am always warmly greeted when I arrive to collect my weekly haul and the veggies, oh the veggies are amazing! I was so happy to see some of my favorites like kale, spinach, and broccoli and learn about other veggies that were new to me like kohlrabi and parsnips. It helped me eat my daily share of veggies and get my hubs to try new things! We also had the pleasure of signing on to their Winter CSA, which ran bi-weekly from October through March. I am eager for the summer one to being in July. I even got two new friends to sign up! If you are not yet part of a CSA, I highly encourage you to find one! They are wonderful for so many reasons.

Crocheting: I can officially crochet! While I lived in Minnesota, I took a knitting course and got very frustrated trying to learn different stitches. I am left handed and I found it challenging on so many levels. This Christmas at a Secret Santa gift swap among my Northwoods girlfriends, I received some yarn, needles and a how-to crochet guide. I have since made many washcloths, 2 beanies, 1 chunky yarn winter hat, 2 sets of baby mittens, 2 baby bonnets, a baby blanket and I am working on a fox baby bonnet. {think I have a theme??} No, we are not expecting, but I know lots of expecting mommies and I am so excited to be exploring this new craft. It was also a great activity to do when the power was out or when the windchill was -33ºF!!!!

Eco-living: Getting back to my eco-conscious roots has felt so nice. I am finally working my way back to lessening my carbon footprint and adjusting what that means to our rural lifestyle. I hope to share more on this in the coming posts. Topics will be, eliminating disposable items in the bathroom, growing, preserving and making our own foods, shopping less and so much more. Also, I am going to attempt gardening again this spring! Wish me luck.

Financial Freedom: We aren’t there yet! Don’t get too excited for us. However, entering our third season at a totally different job in a remote location, we have experienced some major changes to our finances. I still have school loans and a few others, yet we are credit card debt free and working towards meeting our financial goals, one step at a time {we use, check it out}. The most exciting part for us is that, although we are no longer making Massachusetts wages, we are living a much more simple life, allowing us to pay debt off faster and save quicker. More on this later!

Fitness: Ok, so this has evolved over the last few months. I was ON FIRE with hiking, running and just general activity this fall. I would just go out for a run, just because. Who was that woman? I don’t know, but I loved her!! Well, when the winter snow began to cover the gravel road and the temperatures plummeted, I gave up. I needed to find a winter routine and I didn’t want to. I wanted to be hiking and running {even if on a treadmill}. For the first time since we moved, I missed having a gym membership! Well, I picked myself up off the living room floor, put my scale deep in the bathroom closet and came up with a plan. First, I completed the 21 Day Fix workouts. Then I tried PIYO, but couldn’t get into it. Now I am doing daily morning yoga and snowshoeing {when Mother Nature lets me}. I have big plans for the spring and summer to get back on the mountain tops {#sammhikes52}  and hit the gravel running. I am signed up for two 5ks already! Cheers to a successful fitness save!


Food Freedom: I think I have finally reached a point where I can say I am comfortable with my food choices. There will always be room for improvement, and I will do Whole30 resets twice a year, but I feel amazing! I avoid dairy, soy, and gluten. I eat gluten free grains only on occasion and I do my best to keep out added sugars. I still indulge when I think it is worth it, yet quickly record it in my food journal when any food is #totallynotworthit. I have many friends and family on the bandwagon with me and it feels incredible. My hubs avoids dairy 90% of the time now too and he is feeling incredible. Elimination diets are key. You never can know how something is making you feel until you take it out of the equation. If you would like to be a part of my Food Freedom Support group, please let me know!

Well, folks this is a lengthy post, but I want you to know I am BACK!!! I am eager to get to writing and happy to have people reading!! Stay warm my northern friends! It is time to make cornbread muffins over here. 

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