Will You Join Me?: Bite Sized 2019 Resolutions

You know when your little and adults tell you never to wish away time because when you become an adult yourself it seems to move at warp speed? We all heard this, right? From our parents or grandparents, teachers or aunts, all adults insisting on reminding us we were only going to be a kid once and boy oh boy did time fly when you had bills to pay and adult worries.

Well, in my twenties I definitely remember starting to feel time move faster. Now, it’s like I blink and the weekend is gone. I mean Kenny Chesney told me not to blink, but damn, it’s a little bit of a necessity.

Anyway, my point is that 2018 seems like a blur. In January this year, I made a goal of having 52 Maine Adventures to follow up my successful 52 Hike Challenge from 2017. Things were going great as I learned to ice fish,  went for a dogsled ride and took snowboarding lessons. But then life started to move faster and big, huge, unbelievable changes happened. In August, Jeff and I moved to Asheville, North Carolina, started new jobs and began a new lifestyle away from the cabins we managed for three and a half years. I was no longer in Maine to have these adventures. So, now what?

When we moved, I decided for the first year to concentrate on slowing down and living a more simple life. Although I have excelled at that in some areas, I have also struggled in others. This got me thinking, instead of one massive goal that I either achieve or don’t achieve, why not set bite-sized monthly goals? Why not 12 small goals i can complete each month?

Now for each month in 2019, I have 12 things I would like to do. They are all centered around my efforts to find more simplicity, continue to slow down, become more of a minimalist and find my happy. Take a look and see if you want to join me!

  1. Read 12 Books: For some of you, this may seem like such a simple task. Yet, let me tell you how many half-read books I have on my nightstand and how many I have written down in the notes app on my phone. This year I vow to ATLEAST check 12 of these off my list.
  2. Hike 12 New Trails: When I say new, I mean new to me. I am still very new to Asheville and want to make the most of living in the mountains. I explored lots of trails in Maine. Now it’s time to do the same here.
  3. Create 12 Things: I love to craft and create. I enjoy crocheting, making beeswax wraps, sewing, painting and so much more. However, I never make it a priority. This year I am. I am going to carve out the time on nights, weekends and holidays to do what makes my soul happy.
  4. Give 12 Gifts: I am going to take this a step further and say give 12 zerowaste gifts. Be it a second-hand book or a gift I create, a batch of cookies or something awesome I find at a thrift store, I want to make it a point to give a little more.
  5. Bake 12 Foods from Scratch: Another great one for the soul! I love to cook and recently cooking has become more of a chore. This year I am going to have fun with it and make sure I am spending at least a little time doing something creative in the kitchen that is not dinner.
  6. Have 12 Friend Dates: I have brought this up before but my most recent read, Text Me When You Get Home reminded me of the vital importance of friendships. I know I am super lucky to have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. However, I need to make sure not only to nurture those relationships but also make new ones in our new community.
  7. Mail 12 Letters of Gratitude: These may be letters to friends, family or strangers. The goal here is to not only remember what I am grateful for and how much I have to be grateful for but is also about sharing with someone how they positively impacted your life.
  8. Have 12 Dates with my Partner: I am one lucky woman to have a man like Jeff by my side. I want to make sure we take care of our relationship and share our love outside of eating dinner on the couch while watching Netflix. I am actually excited to come up with some fun date ideas. Send your ideas on over!
  9. Volunteer 12 Times: I have actually volunteered a bunch since moving to Asheville and I want to make sure to keep the momentum going! It is helping me become more in touch with the Asheville community, meet new people and of course, it feels amazing to give back.
  10. Let go of 12 Things: I’m always looking for ways to declutter and minimalize my life. I want to make sure I continue to learn what I can and probably should live without.
  11. Facetime with 12 Loved Ones: I am far away from most of my family and closest friends. I have been for most of my adult life. Outside of having dates with friends when I can, writing letters to those I am grateful for and dating my husband more, I also want to make sure I am getting face time with those that matter to me! It’s breaking my heart to see all these little ones in my life growing up so fast. I want to make it a priority to talk to them before they grow up and go off to college.
  12. Take 12 Relaxing Baths: Some of these goals might exhaust me. I want to make sure I am slowing down and relaxing as much as possible in 2019. Hopefully, I can move this into a weekly habit. But let’s start small.

I may do more than 12 of some or even all of these but my goal is at least once a month. What do you think? Wanna hold eachother accountable? If so, you can use the 12 goals I have set or make your own 12. You can also choose con concentrate on a smaller number of goals but just make sure you do it at least 12 times in 2019. Share with me here in comments or on Instagram or Facebook using #12for12. Feel free to tag me in the post too! I’d love to share as you reach your goals!

Cheers to the new year, my friends!


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